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Our Story

After the death of their parents Jacob and Agata Lewin in the early 1970’s, eight (8) siblings decided they would join hands and hearts in starting a business that could possibly help them to survive. They started doing syrups and then later started blending juices. The company is thus a family owned business which has being standing strong for over 25 years. The Company’s Head Office is located at 26 South Street, Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

Ojay Koolers Limited is a juice manufacturing and distribution company which strongly supports nutrition as supported by their Slogan “Nutrition for the Entire Family”. Community development is also a major part of their focus.

In keeping with our slogan we take pride in creating a variety of juice blends, hence our different brands and sizes. Our brands include Ojay’s Premium, Choice, Ojay’s Juices, Jamaican bag fruit juices, cool vibes and fruit vibes bag drink and also milk lines which include krown, Mega malt and Power punch Bag milks. These brands are priced competitively based on the different blends. Also, our brands have at least 2-3 different sizes.

Our Ojay’s premium brand is about love, laugh and living a healthy lifestyle. Our company seeks to make nutrition a critical part of one’s daily lifestyle in a fun and exciting way. At Ojay Koolers limited we purchase sorrel from local farmers and brew our sorrel from scratch. Unique to our brands you will find sorrel with ginger in almost all product lines as we are keen on the added benefits of sorrel and ginger to our customers.

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